Thursday, December 26, 2013

The latest issue of The Shadow is now available

Look for NYC's only underground newspaper at the following locations:

Gem Spa (St. Mark's + Second Avenue)
St. Mark's Books (31 Third Ave., at East 9th Street)
East Village Books (99 St. Mark's, between First Avenue + Avenue A)
INK (Avenue A, between East 4th + 5th Streets)
Blue Stockings Books (172 Allen St.)
MoRUS (Avenue C, between East 9th + 10th Streets)
Spoonbill Books (218 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn)
Revolution Books (146 W. 26 St. )
Unoppressive Non-Imperialist Bargain Books (34 Carmine St.)


No Police State Girl said...

What a coincidence to me that the JFK assination is on the cover of The Shadow. I was reading "The Assination Of The President, A Year Book Special Report in The World Book Year Book 1964 Volume I edition just yesterday. I read about Lee Harvey Oswald which had me reading about him online only to discover the dark side of Camelot when all of these conspiracy theories about JFK being involved with Frank Sinatra, Sam Giancana the head of the Chicago mob, his affairs with Judith Campbell Exner and his other lovers, attempts to assinate Castro and all kinds of other scandals and shady things he was involved in as president. The World Book Year Book mentions none of his scandals. If it weren't for the internet I would have wound up believing this history book of the world book. Not sure what to believe about Oswald if he was a patsy or not. Looking for a copy of this Shadow to see what it says about JFK.

Anonymous said...

Read Gerald Posner's book "Case Closed," in which he lays to rest all the conspiracy theories and shows that Lee Oswald did it by himself. The conspiracy mongers overlook the fact that JFK's route was only revealed two days before the arrived in Dallas, hardly enough time to enable a conspiracy. They also overlook the fact that Lee was a lefty (like a lot of them are), not a conservative.
Why anyone likes the thug and murderer JFK has always been a mystery to me. Was it okay that he had Diem knocked off, which paved the way for a worsening of the Vietnam War?

Bill the libertarian

shmnyc said...

I was looking forward to The Shadow's return. I think it's sad that this is their reintroduction. What's next, a reprise of Kronstadt? I"ll still pick up a copy. I'll just skip the lead story.