Monday, December 30, 2013

Today in posts about Duane Reade getting a new Duane Reade sign

Exciting times this afternoon over on Avenue B and East Second Street, EVG regular Salim reports ... the recently expanded Duane Reade is getting its new 2014-style wraparound signage ... replacing that 1999-style Duane Reade signage that was synonymous with long lines, indifferent customer service and lost prescriptions the smaller Duane Reade that had been there.

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The Duane Reade expansion is underway on Avenue B


scotttiman said...

They have been doing construction on and off for several weeks now. They must have spent a fortune on construction. Especially considering the store is never that busy when I go in there. BTW, anyone remember the watermelon spiked punch that they used to sell in the Gas Station/Space 2B under the counter before the Daune Reade got built? Mighty tasty.

Anonymous said...

Man, that stuff was heaven on a sweltering summer night.
(especially since a 12,000 BTU air conditioner cost about 1000 bucks back then) (Today, about $285)

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

The new sign is guaranteed to attract tour buses.

Anonymous said...

And hand jobs!