Wednesday, February 12, 2014

[Updated] Should we start worrying about the Subway Inn?

[EVG file photo]

Venturing away from the neighborhood for a moment... The well-worn Subway Inn, with that perfect neon sign, has been in business on East 60th Street between Third Avenue and Lexington since 1937 ... however, recent real-estate transactions along here put its longterm future in this space in doubt.

The Real Deal reported yesterday that development firm World-Wide Group bought another building on this block across the street from Bloomingdale's.

What's this mean?

The purchase ... gives World-Wide a total of about 300,000 square feet of development rights along East 60th Street, between Lexington and Third avenues, a source close to the deal said.

The firm had previously acquired 143 (home to the famous dive bar, Subway Inn), 145-147, 149, 151 and 153 East 60th Street. With the new purchase, the firm now owns 200 feet of frontage along East 60th Street.

Nothing is imminent along here... but you have to figure some new project is likely in the pipeline. As The Real Deal pointed out, World-Wide "is active in the city." Among the firm's projects, a 59-story residential tower at 250 E. 57th St. Unless the firm just wants a 77-year-old bar in its portfolio.

So maybe you want to visit the Subway Inn in the coming months. At the right times (like, not a Friday night), it's still a great place. As Jeremiah Moss once wrote, "The Subway Inn will remind you of other bars that have been lost."

[EVG file photo]

Updated 11:45
Gothamist spoke with the bar owner's son, who "seemed unperturbed by the news."

"We're probably going to end up moving somewhere else pretty close in the area. But right now it's not a concern, so we're not looking right now."


Anonymous said...

Noooooo! Was just there last week!!!!

Gojira said...

I'd best head up there soon, it'll be gone within the year. That neighborhood is far too chichi foofoo touristy now to host such an unglitzy reminder of old blue collar New York.

Laura Goggin Photography said...


My routine during Sandy was to hike up to the Blarney Stone for a hot meal and then onto the Subway Inn to charge up my phone. I actually ran into EV neighbors there during that time. You can't re-create places like this. Enjoy it while you can.

Anonymous said...

somebody, save that neon sign!


Anonymous said... subway inn days are past now, but I had them! what a place. *sigh* the P&G, other fun places where you could drop by with a bunch of people, have a beer, laugh and have fun. no mas!

anonymous said...

Worked a few blocks from there in the 80's........... killed many a braincell in there. What's happening to our city?

Anonymous said...

Think Gino, the “red sauce joint" on Lex and 61st St. that was there since 1946, and saw the likes of Frank Sinatra and the City’s elite grace its tables, only to be replace by a cup cake shop.

onemorefoldedsunset said...

Hell no. Those booths are such a refuge - I can't imagine the place recreated.

JJ said...

I love this place
The first time I was there , there was a fight , and someone threw up on my shoes ...
" welcome to gritty NYC "