Monday, February 3, 2014

Some part of 7A will stay in the new 7A's name

[Photo by Bride of 7th]

As we first pointed out last Thursday, Paul Salmon's name is on the application that's on file at the CB3 website for the 7A space ahead of this month's SLA committee meeting. Salmon is the one of the restaurateurs behind Miss Lily's, the Jamaican bar and restaurant on West Houston, and Joe's Pub.

There's now more paperwork on the CB3 website (PDF). It's a little tough to make it all out (did they use disappearing ink?) … the paperwork shows that Moshe Hatsav is the name of the partner leaving the corporation… and Paul Salmon is joining the corporation… the form shows that his position is "full time manager, overseeing day to day operations."

The form also asks, "Will the business name be maintained?"

The answer… "As a nod to the venerable history of this establishment, the new owners plan to incorporate some variation of the current trade name, 7A, into the new trade name."

How about — "7A — You No Longer Can Afford Our Food." (Haha. Kidding! Kind of!)

One more observation about the application. CB3 has it listed this way for the meeting:

Corporate Change (not heard at committee)
• New 7A Cafe LLC, 109 Ave A (op)

So, "not heard at committee." As far as we understand how this works, this means that there won't even be a vote by the committee for approval. Seems a little strange that they will completely change the concept (with an all-new staff) … and there's not any discussion on the matter.

7A closed on Jan. 26.


Anonymous said...

I think the new name is going to be 7-Aleven!

Scuba Diva said...

Well, then we can afford the food!