Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Former Ton-Up Cafe space on the market

Back in May, the Ton-Up Cafe closed at 127 St. Mark's Place just west of Avenue A closed. A sign on the door promised "we'll be back soon."

Since then, brown paper covered the front door and windows. A large QR code brought people to a "temporarily closed for renovations" page.

Now there's a for rent sign on the space. (The listing at EVO Real Estate Group doesn't appear to be online just yet.)

The cafe opened in April 2013 … and served paninis named in honor of Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry and Elvis.

One of the owners here also operates Falanghina, the pizzeria which remains open at the former Whole Earth Bakery across the street.

The previous tenant here was Motek Creperie, which also lasted about a year.

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Gojira said...

Christ, so there were two joints in that location - Ton-Up and Motek - that I never even noticed, much less patronized, and I go down that block all the time. Oh well. After a while they all look alike, I guess.