Thursday, October 9, 2014

Iconic East Village storefronts up on the roof

James and Karla Murray are recreating life-sized versions of three iconic East Village storefronts tonight atop the Housing Works Rooftop, 743-749 E. Ninth St. at Avenue D.

It's for the East Village Community Coalition 10-year-anniversary celebration this evening. (You can buy tickets at the door. It starts at 6:30.)

Their storefront photos represented tonight are CBGB, Love Saves the Day (Both RIP, of course) and Stage.

Their books include "Store Front — The Disappearing Face of New York."


East Village Today said...

Once people start drinking, I hope no one walks into a wall, thinking he's walking into the store!

DrBOP said...

And once people have really started imbibing strong drink (among other....uhh.....things), they will soon discover that ancient Village beat philosophy that transcends the physical..... BE the store.


Laura Goggin Photography said...


Anonymous said...

@ East Village Today - how about a compliment instead of a snarky comment? EVCC is a small not-for-profit attempting to make real change in the neighborhood, through a coalition with the likes of GOLES, Cooper Square Committee, LESPMHA, the EV Merchants Association etc. This was their fundraising event, not a roof-top frat party. Stop your nonsense with Ray's as well as the storefront of Ray's honors a true LESer in Bob Arihood a fantastic photographer and true representation of the LES.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I kinda thought that was Little Ricky storefront for a minute.