Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The changing of the facade at 9 Bleecker St.

Signage is up now at the former longtime home of the Yippies here near the Bowery.

The new tenant, Overthrow, named for one of the countercultural newspapers that the Yippies published here, aims to be a boxing gym/training facility.

This past week, Throwback NYC partner Joey Goodwin, aka "the Soho Kid," a Golden Gloves contender, sent us information about the club's Indiegogo campaign (looking to raise $50k).

The crowdfunding page includes a lot of details about what to expect from the space, such as:

Overthrow New York will create a brand and a flagship location, which offers a high intensity anaerobic workout based on classes using boxing as a foundation. overthrow nyc provides a base for those in need of a high intensity work out in an equally cool and historical venue.

Stemming off of the neighborhood’s long history, Overthrow New York will take cues from CBGBs, the Bowery, underground boxing fight club Friday Night Throwdown, and 9 Bleecker street’s own rich counterculture history.

The club

The main level at Overthrow is the first impression for both the fascinated taste-maker and the intrigued passerby. The walls are adorned with framed counterculture and underground posters celebrating the activist history of 9 Bleecker and the punk scene on the Bowery. The main floor will feature the boxing club which will include a branded ring, unique heavy bags and one of a kind speed bags. This area will allow members to check in for group class, shop the Overthrow New York retail concept, grab a juice, or workout with a private trainer.

The locker rooms

Overthrow New York's locker rooms allow members to change and shower before or after their workout. The steamed glass wall dividing the men's locker room from the women's locker room makes for one of the cities sexiest yet grittiest bathrooms.

According to the Indiegogo campaign, the Overthrow folks are currently pitching "Off the Bowery," a television show about the building, concept and team, to production companies.

After a protracted legal battle, the Yippies had to vacate their home of 41 years this past Jan. 17.

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About Overthrow NYC, the boxing gym coming to the former home of the Yippies at 9 Bleecker St.


Anonymous said...

oh brother.

DrBOP said...

Man, I sure hope that this Bizarro World trend is peakin'......

What's next?

A new sushi-bar where they serve the food on (center-filled) 45rpm and 33rpm records at the old Bleecker Bob's.

Lobby murals of "bums in the gutter" in the front entrance of the Whitehouse luxury replacement.

"Enjoy your meal with the aroma of old books redolent of the previous occupant, Shakespeare and Company...."


Anonymous said...

Their sign has said "Overhtrow Boxing Club" for the past week, so not off to a great start thus far.

tm said...

For DrBop:LOL!

chris flash said...

The Yippies COULD HAVE rented the ground floor space for use as a counter-cultural space on a long-term lease (say 10 years?) so that even if they lost the building, the lease would have had to be honored by whomever/whatever took the building.

But nooooo....Dana and company were determined to let that ship sink. If they couldn't have it, NO ONE would have it.

Except the mortgage holder, of course....

Anonymous said...

The Yippies were not financially smart, no, but they paid out of pocket to get many junkies treatment, including myself. Asking nothing in return, they helped many addicts and AIDS patients live the best lives they could, and I owe my sobriety to them. Filling roles that the government should be filling, but refuse to. The bohemian gods will surely curse whoever displaces them.

Anonymous said...

They are stinky old misunderstood angels hoping to deliver relief to those suffering most. They deserve to be recognized for their selflessness, Dana especially.

aron pieman kay said...

9 bleecker street was my home for 5 years...on the other hand, we the yippies made quite a lot of ripple effects that caused the fascists to undergo a lot of problems....

Sabrina said...

Boxing is disgusting!! Since when do business enterprises ask the public to fund them? "A fool and his money so do part"!!!!!!