Monday, November 3, 2014

David McWater looks to be the new owner of d.b.a.

A familiar name is set to become the new owner of d.b.a.

David McWater, a local bar owner and former longtime member of Community Board 3, has apparently emerged from a number of potential suitors for the popular 20-year-old d.b.a. at 41 First Ave.

According to paperwork on file at the CB3 website ahead of this month's SLA licensing meeting, McWater is behind "41 1st Avenue Rest Corp." that is applying for a new liquor license.

McWater, an often controversial local official, resigned from CB3 last September citing an array of reasons. According to The Villager, McWater has an ownership stake in Doc Holliday's, the Library and Milano's. He also owned Nice Guy Eddie's, which closed in June 2012 on Avenue A and East Houston.

As The Lo-Down pointed out in September 2013, McWater came "under fire for strongly advocating for the rights of bar owners, as a member of the community board’s State Liquor Authority Committee. McWater served as chairman of CB3 for four years until June of 2008. He has played critical roles in two major CB3 initiatives — the 2008 rezoning of 111 blocks of the LES and the East Village and the Seward Park development plan."

One d.b.a. source tell us that McWater isn't planning on any major changes at the bar, which specializes in craft beer.

Ray Deter and Dennis Zentek opened d.b.a. in 1994. Deter died in July 2011 from the injuries he suffered in a bicycling accident. Zentek died on March 23 from head injuries he sustained in a fall down a flight of stairs.

The application for 41 First Ave. will be heard at the Nov. 17 licensing committee meeting.


Anonymous said...

If they're not planning any major changes, I guess that means the price of beer will still be too high.

Gojira said...

So now we know what d.b.a will stand for when McWater takes it over - dirt.bag.alley.

Anonymous said...

I've known Dave McWater for over 20 years and he's always been a gentleman and friend to many. He has done a lot of good in this neighborhood and provided jobs for a lot of people and sincerely cares about the East Village.

Anonymous said...

"bar owner and former longtime member of Community Board 3" This is like Wall St regulating itself. I guess McWater does not live above, next too or in ear shot of one of his many bars. The more bars that are aloud to open in our neighborhood the more tourists and party goers the rest of us have to put up with but I guess we should all put up with this because these places employ a handful of people each. A neighborhood suffers from a monoculture of bars and restaurants when diversity of services for day to day living are forced out. This man or anyone else which can financially profit from the proliferation of their industry should not be left in charge of making decisions.

Anonymous said...

@8:44 am

Hi Dave!

Anonymous said...

I'm ok with this.

Anonymous said...

Too bad and sad,rocky start with DBA and beergarden noise but a handfullof surrounding tenants and the bar worked it out.They have been great neighbors.I hope the new owner respects us like the DBA staff.

Anonymous said...

McWater is a piece of shit, period.

Anonymous said...

Thanks mom!

Spike said...

Dear new owner, please bring back the imperial pint of Fullers ESB for $5. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

MAYBE now the service at DBA will improve. Those bartenders there SUCK!

Anonymous said...

This building has NO Certificate of Occupancy and has a Stop Work Order.

The backyard is illegal and should be vacated like Yaffa Cafe and Sixth Ward.

Will Susan Stetzer and Alexandra Militano give permission to their old crony to operate an ILLEGAL backyard?

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for Boulton and Watt. Nice group of partners.


Also thanks for SPURA.