Monday, November 3, 2014

Korzo Haus has closed on East 7th Street

That's it for deep-fried burger specialists Korzo Haus, the small Slovakian-based joint on East Seventh Street just west of Avenue B.

EVG regular Dave on 7th spotted this sign on the restaurant's front door this past weekend...

Per the note on the door: "Thank You for years of your dedicated patronage. Our lease is up and this location is now closed. We are working on a new downtown Manhattan location. In the mean time we really hope you visit us at the original Korzo or Brooklyn Beet Company in Brooklyn."

Korzo Haus opened here in August 2010. The Voice named them the best burger in NYC in 2011.

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Korzo Haus now open on Seventh Street


Anonymous said...

I ate there once, when they first opened, and it was really good. We got deep-fried burgers with the cheese in the middle, and deep-fried ice cream for dessert.

It's just that this kind of food is very unhealthy for me. As good as it was, I couldn't make myself go back.

Anonymous said...

Not the kind of food I have an interest in eating but that storefront......?

Anonymous said...

I moved to Bay Ridge 2 years ago and hands down Brooklyn beet co. is the go to dinner spot for my fiance and I. Their fish and chips are amazing and they make a beet ketchup you can buy in bottles!