Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Friends and family searching for Brandyn Simmons, last seen in the East Village

Brandyn Simmons, who most recently was living in Williamsburg, was last seen Sunday evening leaving a friend's apartment on Third Avenue and East 12th Street...


"Dogblog" said...

Race... American..

Period .. Not African American

Anonymous said...

"American" is not a race.

Anonymous said...

Is African American derogatory now?

blue glass said...

the guy is missing
there is a description and a picture.
the man is not chinese, white, or indian, etc.
what's the big deal?
what would you call him?
spade dude?

DrGecko said...

The picture I'm looking at says "Race: African-American." What's going on?

Also, the picture says that he's 5'6", 150 lbs, but "thin and fit." The geometry doesn't work, but maybe cops consider anybody less than morbidly obese to be "thin."

René Rivera said...

I'm also a vet - served in 2003, An Nasiriya, Iraq.

If you find Brandyn, please tell him he's not alone and I'd really like to connect with him. He can come hang with me and a few friends.

Please inbox me on Facebook.
^ Fight Club reference ^ Not self-deprecating.

Brandyn, you're not alone big man.

Anonymous said...

Rene, what a great response. Thank you, for serving and for looking out for a fellow veteran.