Sunday, December 14, 2014

[Updated] NYPD patrol tower arrives on Avenue D

After nearly a month, the NYPD patrol tower (SkyWatch) has left the corner of East Third Street and Avenue C.

However, an EVG reader reports that a tower (maybe the same one?) is now parked on Avenue D between East Fifth Street and East Sixth Street … after a report of gunfire late Friday night… apparently the second time there has been a shooting here this past month, according to residents…

Updated 2:11 p.m.

DNAinfo reports that police are searching for a suspect who shot a 19-year-old man twice outside 60 Avenue D Friday night around 11:20.

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Parts of Avenue C and D now with a SkyWatch tower, additional NYPD lights


Anonymous said...

The light tower across the street from this patrol tower ran continually at night for almost a month, up to 12 hours at a time. It is impossible to sleep with these lights shining into my apartment and with the constant hum of the generator. On Friday night the lights ran from midnight to 1038AM. These light towers are not being used to illuminate the street or illuminate the problem area but are being shined directly into peoples apartments who have done nothing wrong. The lights on Avenue C were not shined on Bracetti Plaza where the incident took place but shinned on an HDFC coop just down the street on the corner. These light towers are a form of harrasment. These towers do nothing more than create stress for those who live near them and who have done nothing wrong. The towers turn the area into a prison camps all that's missing is barbed wire. Clearly setting up the light towers after the fact does nothing to deter crime. Captain Franzo from PSA4 tells the press it's completely safe, yet he tells elected officials it's a safety concern. Which one is it?

Archie said...

Capt. Franzo is no longer at PSA 4. If you have a problem and were consistent with following up on it, you'd know that. Try again.

Anonymous said...

And now suddenly it's gone. On Monday night there was stabbing at Ave D and 8th St. - after all this gang violence after Shem Da God whoever he was getting shot at Ave D and 7th and now the permanent cop and tower presence is gone. Why up and high tail it now just when it's worse than ever? Makes no sense.

leftforNC said...

We used to live in the area of Tompkins Square Park and remember walking by and hearing gunfire.

The park was a hotbed of drugs and crime.

NYPD should not be rebuked for helping keep the park safe by maximizing the observation ability of the officers patrolling the park.

There is no infringement on anyone's rights. The park is a public asset. Anyone desiring privacy needs to go home or to a hotel.

Attitudes like this is why NYC is not well regarded as a safe place.

I only wish NYPD helped us like this while we lived in the area in the 70's and 80's.