Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Paloma Rocket looking to land in the East Village

[Photo Friday by @RatedRuwan]

Several EVG readers noted the recent arrival of for rent signs on the Paloma Rocket storefront, 7 Clinton St. just south of Houston on the Lower East Side.

The self-serve craft beer bar — there's a price-per-ounce-pour — opened in April 2016. Are they closing? Moving?

In an email, team Paloma Rocket (the owner is East Village resident Graham Winton) said that they are very close to signing a lease to move to a new location in the East Village.

"Our landlord is facilitating the process by offering us other locations and incentives to move. For us it will enable us to hopefully move to a larger location and expand our tap offerings to include spirits and mixed drinks as well as have space for birthdays, etc."

I mentioned that some people thought they might be closing.

"We have carefully run this business with an eye on longevity and we are now secure that both the concept and system are valid and strong and reliable, thus our comfort level in moving forward. It also helps that our original lease in retrospect is aiding in the process and we are guided by some very knowledgeable and experienced operators whose wisdom has been indispensable in navigating the horribly treacherous real-estate terrain ... greed hath no fury like an NYC landlord and being able to stay in business now more than ever is solely about rent. We have chosen not to be shortsighted and sell what is left of our soul ... by running a messy operation for short-term gain."

Meanwhile, Paloma Rocket remains open here on Clinton Street... here are their hours...


Gojira said...

Oh wonderful. More booze for the EV, coupled with pretension. Always a welcome mix.

Anonymous said...

The EV may become a 21st century Bowery..just sayin..

Anonymous said...

In fairness I frequent this place and it is friendly bright and cheerful. The selection is great and it is the antithesis of what others loathe. Give it a try . I have multiple times and will continue to do so when it moves.

Anonymous said...

it always looked like kids drinking beer in a johnny rockets without the food. no one looked particularly happy.

Anonymous said...

Just because a place serves beer doesn't make it the 13th Step. This is a low-key spot that serves interesting craft beer. It appeals more to beer dorks than bros looking to drink 37 happy hour beers in 20 minutes.

Cheers to the owners on creating a successful business that is able to expand,