Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Report: Steve Croman sued to stop his father from managing 3rd Avenue properties

Guy Jacobson, a minority owner with Steven Croman of 99-105 Third Ave. and 204 E. 13th St., is reportedly suing his embattled partner ... in an effort to stop Croman's father from taking over as manager of the properties, according to The Real Deal.

Jacobson filed a lawsuit in Manhattan State Supreme Court today "claiming his partner’s dubious practices harmed the company, and asked a judge to appoint a receiver to manage the business."

Per TRD: "Croman is the sole manager of the properties, according to the operating agreement, and should he cease being manager for any reason, his father, Edward, will take over as the manager."

Last month, Croman pleaded guilty to charges of grand larceny, tax fraud, and an additional fraud charge relating to false statements. As part of the deal, he will spend one year at Rikers. Croman will be sentenced on Sept. 19. (A civil case related to his tenant harassment tactics continues.)

A Croman spokesperson called the arguments "false" and said Jacobson had a history of filing frivolous lawsuits, TRD reported.

The businesses at these addresses include Linen Hall, the Penny Farthing and Bruno Pizza.


Anonymous said...

Croman is a criminal, his son if you have seen the infamous "Uber" video is a chip of the block of rude entitlement which makes me wonder the first Croman generation could be like.

shimmerstwo said...

I cannot believe ALL of Cromans tenants are not down at city hall or Gracie mansion that he gets what he deserves
1 year??
That is a crime in itself and the Attorney General should be on top of this asap. It has corruption and payola written all over it thanks to Mayor DeBozio