Tuesday, April 3, 2018

A 'no parking' annoyance

Crews for the new Netflix series "Russian Doll" have been spotted around the neighborhood.

While film shoots are, of course, a fairly regular occurrence around here, some residents have found this crew — particularly the parking production assistants — to be more aggressive than others in terms of blocking off space for their trucks and film equipment. On Eighth Street between Avenue B and Avenue C, crews started putting down the cones on the block yesterday — 48 hours before the announced filming times.

The posted signs say that "parking can be held a maximum of 24 hours in advance of the date and times indicated ..." Filming on Eighth Street, as an annoyed EVG reader pointed out, is tomorrow from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. ...

The cones also arrived late Saturday on Avenue A between Seventh Street and 10th Street for yesterday's shoot.


JQ LLC said...

Thanks to this dumbass mayor and his office of television and film (that made in NY bullshit), these pig parkers and flunky maggots are emboldened. They need a good ass whuppin'

You think they would be a tad more considerate considering that Ed Norton's film crew torched an entire row house to make a scene look authentic (not their fault though). But then the city gave some other production a permit to set off explosions just blocks away.



Choresh Wald said...

Free parking of private motor vehicle in the public space next to the curb needs to end. High valuable real estate owned by the city can not be given away for free for anybody - just because they own a car, whether they live here or not. When the city gets revenue because film crews are making movies in the city, supply jobs and taxes to pay for city services: everybody gains from it.

Anonymous said...

I can absolutely guarantee you that the good city of New York makes heaps more money on parking tickets off of those cars than they do from the film industry. Not to mention the registration fees and the annual inspection fees for "private motor vehicle".

Al Cabal said...

If you don't like film crews disrupting things occasionally, there's always Paramus.

Anonymous said...

I'd be calling the city, the precinct, and the phone number of whoever's name is on those signs to DEMAND they observe the law. And if that doesn't produce results, then it's time to guess who's on the take!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy watching TV and movies and glad these are being shot in NYC, however, I do not enjoy when production crews are disrespectful to the residents by leaving generators running all day long or shouting orders on a non-shoot street at 3AM. The crews have the option of tapping their power off of the light poles on each corner of the street instead of running off of diesel.

If you think filming is excessive and want to stop it on your block, contact the Mayor’s office to remove your street from the list of available shoot sites. Send an email to the Deputy Commissioner, Dean McCann, dmccann@media.nyc.gov.

If you need to make an immediate complaint, you may call the location manager posted on the sign and ask for verification of their permit.

Send a complaint log to http://www1.nyc.gov/site/mome/about/email-the-commissioner.page Message Type = Complaint, Message Topic = your choice.

Or call the Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting by dialing 212-489-6710 between 9AM and 4PM, M-F.

After business hours, you can contact a Supervisor of the NYPD Movie/TV Unit at 646-739-9900 (only if it’s a major shoot).

FYI - A production company will post signs in advance stating the date and time residents must move their vehicles. If you do not move your vehicle in time, your vehicle will be relocated to the nearest available legal parking spot on the street (at their expense). Please call 311 to determine where your car has been relocated.

If filming causes bright lights to shine through your window, ask the location manager for black out material, or a fabric that covers your windows

Anonymous said...

car owner Talk about freeparking. The northside of 7th st btwn a&b was held for 3 days and is now full of movie crew personal cars . I had to move my old toyota 3 times this week for that?