Monday, April 9, 2018

Ahoy! It's Liberty Toye!

The building banner arrived last Thursday for Liberty Toye, the former nursing home and Bloom 62 apartment complex that Ben Shaoul is converting into a condoplex.

[Photo from 2014]

Sales got underway here on Avenue B and Fifth Street last November at the 81-unit building. Prices range from $660K to $1.8 million for buyers who may use Bitcoin for the purchase. Shaoul's sales team is renting an office at 44 Avenue B between Third Street and Fourth Street...

The Liberty Toye website lists 11 available units.

The site describes the neighborhood like this:

Creative energy runs through the East Village like a buzzing electrical current. Since the ’70s, a groundswell of artists, musicians, and iconoclasts put the neighborhood—and New York City—on the map as the place to be. It’s the birthplace of punk, the hub of counterculture, the lightning rod for the city’s kinetic spark. Today, elements of the neighborhood’s history mix with new hotspots that carry the torch.

The 240-bed Cabrini Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation closed for good in June 2012 after Shaoul purchased the building ... eventually converting it into apartments. Bloom 62 started renting in May 2013. Prices topped out at $7,600 for a four-bedroom apartment.

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Anonymous said...

Oh boy where to begin. It's one thing to rent a tiny badly laid out apartment when you don't plan to stay long but to cough up a million for one of these apartments is unimaginable. I guess the doomsday tequila sunrise facade of the past was not depressing enough so in an attempt to look chic graphite gray (painted brick) and black was picked to liven the block up. I truly doubt anyone planning on living in the building cares about the neighborhood's past or history in general yet the marketing can help list some vague reference to our artistic, counter culture past which buildings like this one have guaranteed will never return.

Giovanni said...

Perhaps potential buyers will take a look at the pile of garbage outside the sale office and realize what a perfect metaphor that pile of garbage really is.

Anonymous said...

Bitcoin = money laundering, no other reason to use it a real estae transaction.

Anonymous said...

oh gosh. i hope someone bought with bitcoin during its height (dec'17-jan'18) ... now btc is worth like 50% less. bwahahahaha.