Sunday, April 8, 2018

Dora's wing is not broken, but she won't be returning to Tompkins Square Park any time soon

[Photo of Dora Wednesday by Steven]

Back on Wednesday, Dora, one of the red-tailed hawks of Tompkins Square Park, was rescued and sent off for an examination and a possible rehab assignment.

Bobby Horvath of the Long Island-based WINORR (the Wildlife In Need of Rescue and Rehabilitation) provided an updated on her injured wing via Facebook:

She has no broken bones but will not be going back to her Park ... She has had some bad luck and needs to regroup and stay out of trouble. She will be staying with us until we figure out what the next best step is. Also people were asking if she had any eggs inside her. The answer is no. So she will be our house guest for awhile. No more soap opera sagas for this gal for now!

And here's an x-ray of Dora's wing...

Goggla has video from Wednesday of Horvath examining Dora's wing in the Park.

Dora had been in WINORR's care starting in late November for an injury unrelated to the current one ... she was declared fit, and returned to the Park on Feb. 26.

Meanwhile, as Goggla pointed out, as Dora was leaving the Park, a new female red-tailed hawk (not Barucha/Nora) had already taken up residence in the nest. Christo and the new hawk mated then for good measure.

[Photo of Christo and the new hawk by Bobby Williams]

[Photo of Christo from Friday by Bobby Williams]

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Anonymous said...

I am sure this beautiful animal will be well taken care of by wonderful people whom will offer her a great life.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating to see the x-ray!

Giovanni said...

Under Obamacare, Dora gets 30 days in a rehab facility, but I’m not sure if she’s covered for any long term care unless she has a separate policy.

Gojira said...

Dora, if you don't come back, we will miss you. Thanks for making the EV part of your life, and allowing us to watch yours, these past years. Wherever you go, live long and prosper.

Anonymous said...

Good. She deserves better than to be fighting over Christo, who is humping feathers all over the east village. She deserves a pampered life!