Friday, April 6, 2018

Flashback Friday: Anthony Bourdain and Nick Tosches at Sophie's

You may have seen food personality Anthony Bourdain in the neighborhood of late ... filming scenes (to air this fall) for his CNN series "Parts Unknown" ... among his stops: Ray's Candy Store, John's of 12th Street, Veselka and Max Fish. (You can read more about all this over at Eater, Bowery Boogie or Bedford + Bowery ... or Bourdain's Instagram account.)

So for this Flashback Friday, we'll head back to February 2009, when Bourdain's previous show, "No Reservations," aired an episode titled "Disappearing Manhattan."

In the last segment, he stopped by Sophie's on Fifth Street to meet with writer Nick Tosches... here is a grainy clip showing 90 seconds or so of the three-minute scene...

As Bourdain said, "Sophie's in the East Village remains a good place to stop time." Still mostly feels that way too.


Anonymous said...

o hai ray! planning on stumbling in for a cone tonight! WHO IS DOWN?

Eden Bee said...

He was also at Csquat!