Monday, April 2, 2018

RIP Gino DiGirolamo

[Photo of Gino in 2014 by Michael Paul]

Gino DiGirolamo, who ran a tailoring business in the neighborhood for 50-plus years, died this past Friday. He was 82. He suffered a heart attack several weeks ago, and never recovered.

Friends and customers had been leaving get-well wishes on cards on the gate at Royal Tailor Shop on 11th Street between Avenue A and First Avenue...

[Photo Friday by Vinny & O]

He was born Gioacchino di Girolamo in Palermo, Sicily. After active duty in the military, he worked for two years as a tailor in Palermo before deciding to move to the United States in the early 1960s.

He worked as a tailor on Avenue A near 12th Street (in space that is now part of Boris & Horton). He bought the shop for $1,000 in 1963 when the owner decided to return to Italy.

Gino moved to 14th Street between Avenue A and Avenue B in late 2006. A rent increase there almost caused him to retire. However, with the help of an East Village resident, he was able to find the 11th Street space where he had been since 2014.

Gino was known for keeping long — and often unusual — hours, working overnight, barely visible behind a mound of clothes, before calling it a day around 11 a.m.

[Photo from 2009]

Here's part of a post that Jeremiah Moss wrote about Gino in 2008:

He wears a measuring tape around his neck. He has two televisions sitting one on top of the other. His walls are covered with pictures of the Italian soccer team, boxer Rocky Marciano, and a poster showing popular lengths of sleeves and trouser legs.

A gray-haired woman sits with him. While customers are present, she is silent. But after the customer leaves the shop, she gets up and berates Gino, telling him what he’s doing wrong and asking why can’t he do things the way she says. The tailor just smiles.

You can read more on Gino in these features from years past at Jeremiah's Vanishing New York ... Town & Village ... and the Local EV.

And there is a series of videos with Gino from 2007 on YouTube... including this one...

Gino lived in Ozone Park, Queens with his wife Adriana, a schoolteacher, who died in October 2013. Their son Vito was a familiar presence in the shop.


A longtime customer launched a crowdfunding campaign "to raise funds to honor Gino with a donation in his name or potentially a plaque or marker in the neighborhood." Find details here.

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Anonymous said...

ah, no, RIP! just passed his shop last week and wondered how he was doing. he will be missed. as an aside, thank you to whoever helped him wrangle that last shop!

Trixie said...

R.I.P. Dear Gino. And my heartfelt condolences go out to his friends and family.

Anonymous said...

Goodbye, Gino. Thank you for being a part of the East Village all of these years. You will be missed.

Gojira said...

Damn, it was always so nice to come home late at night and see his shop ablaze, with him sitting in it working away, and I always wished I had some reason to go in and give him some business, but I just don't dress like that any more. Go well, Gino, you will be missed by many, and rest in peace. Condolences to those who were part of your life.

Anonymous said...

Rest in peace, dear Gino. Yours was a life well lived, and you represented a NYC that had a heart. Your passing is a loss to this community and to NYC as a whole. My sincere condolences to your loved ones.

Also, blessings on the person who helped you find your most recent shop location. Whoever you are, may that good deed come back to you many times over.

Sarah said...

RIP, friend. I walked by your store many times.

rubygirl said...

What a nice man. So sorry he has passed. I hope his family knows how much the neighborhood will miss him.

A grateful customer said...

Gino’s only child is his devoted son, Vito. Vito helped his dad immensely over the years. When Vito was younger, he was always there to help his father. More recently, he called customers for Gino to inform them the work was done. He picked him up from work. Vito has been thorough a lot since Gino was stricken.

A grateful customer said...

Gino’s loved his son, Vito. He was very proud of him.
When Vito was younger, he was in the store helping Gino. Later, he would contact customers telling them when to pick up their clothing. Vito would pick up Gino so Gino would get home safely. Can you please edit the article to clarify that Vito was his loving son?

A grateful customer said...

I think a Go Fund Me page would raise funds for Gino’s funeral or perhaps a marker in the neighborhood. If you think you and others would contribute, please write. I will then create one. I will post a sign at the store to alert people to Gino’s Go Fund Me page. Just let me know soon and I will create it and ask you all to spread the word.

A grateful customer said...

Please spread the word about this site ito donate any amount to honor Gino with a donation in his name: