Friday, September 7, 2018

Hardware store replacing hardware store on 4th Avenue

The Ace Hardware outpost at 130 Fourth Ave. between 12th Street and 13th Street closed back in April.

After being on the rental market for several months, the storefront has a new tenant — Union Square Supply, as this photo via EVG reader Doug shows...

This will be a sister store for Fulton Supply Hardware, which opened down on Fulton and Gold in 1970.


Anonymous said...

Still missing ACE, which had been there (same family, I think) for eons, and in existence for 90 years.

I don't imagine this new place will be inexpensive, given the neighborhood-branding effort they are making. Looks like an ad for a new glass high-rise.

Scuba Diva said...

That's right, Anonymous; the Ace hardware here was the first-ever Ace Hardware.