Monday, September 3, 2018

Who let the dogs in: Expanded Boris & Horton debuts on Avenue A

Boris & Horton, the dog friendly cafe, opened its expanded space yesterday at 195 Avenue A between 12th Street and 13th Street...

There's now more space for pups and their parents...

As previously noted, daughter-father co-owners Logan Mikhly and Coppy Holzman created three separate areas in the cafe, including an indoor seating area where dogs can go but food cannot be ordered, and a cafe separated by plexiglass where dogs are forbidden per Department of Health rules.

Boris & Horton opened on Feb. 2.

No. 195 was Gabay's Outlet until the end of 2017.

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2017gotham said...

So happy to see this at an awesome, locally owned business.

Now let’s wait for the litany of complaints from the EVG posters bemoaning the lack of EV authenticity and the increase in market rate coffee.

FearsCrazyPeople said...

Locally-owned? Did they grow up here or just moved into the $$$$ Condo-complex that's destroyed the neighborhood?


I LOVE this!

2017gotham said...

Jim C -
Yes; local. They live in NYC. They are not a big corporation. They have invested in and improved our neighborhood. They serve the community.
As for the condo complex..... there are several and there will be more. The new condos have not destroyed the neighborhood. Quite the opposite, they have dramatically improved the neighborhood. The new condos improve property values, help local businesses survive, and increase the safety of the neighborhood.
To be in the EV, one doesn’t have to live in a NYCHA or rent controlled building. Condos and market value rentals improve and diversify the neighborhood.

thisiskdo said...

Jim C maybe a little self awareness about even thinking transplants are somehow illegitimate business owners and citizens? That’s the kind of sentiment expected from the very worst of citizenry.

Anonymous said...

With the ongoing whooptidoo about the merits of the Halloween Dog Parade, maybe we can stop and give a little love to this café and its expansion. I walk an extra block home many nights just to stop and peer into the window of B&H's new space, to see all of the happy pups gamboling about while their people chill out and talk to other doggie parents. I have always been in support of this business and it's amazing to see what they have become. B&H, along with Mikey Likes It—the OG sunshine of upper Avenue A—and Baker's Pizza, Obscura, Fashion Nails, and Sexyflow Hair make this a lovely little stretch of our Ave. (RIP Inkstop Tattoo)

—Ave A cat lady whose manicure is always on point