Friday, November 2, 2018

EVG Etc.: Expanding a 4th Street theater; touring the L-train construction zone on 14th Street

[Sad dolphin on 7th Street yesterday via Derek Berg]

Here are the plans to modernize and expand the Choicirciati Cultural Center on 4th Street (NY Yimby)

Father Pat on Ninth Street may officiate Whitey Bulger’s funeral (The Post)

MTA officials and local pols tour the hellish L-train construction zone on 14th Street (Town & Village ... previously)

NYC’s 2019 Michelin Bib Gourmands include quite a few in the East Village (Eater maps them here)

The NYPD is finally cracking down on the rogue private sanitation trucks (Streetsblog)

Char Sue on Essex is holding a Bowery Mission Donation Drive Sunday (Official site)

At the Anthology Film Archives, 2nd Street and 2nd Avenue: The U.S. theatrical premiere of F.J. Ossang's cyberpunk film noir "9 Fingers" (trailer below!) and the NYC laundromat documentary "The Washing Society" (Official site)

And you can still see the John Carpenter version of "The Fog" with Adrienne Barbeau and the mother-daughter duo of Janet Leigh and Jamie Lee Curtis, held over this weekend (Metrograph)

New book promo-ing: Mike D and Ad-Rock are quite charming on Fallon (The AV Club)

A little history about Lou Reed and Genya Ravan appearing on one another’s solo albums in 1978 (Dangerous Minds)



Eden Bee said...

Dont forget my favorite holiday The Sweetest Day!

Giovanni said...

In other news, Alec Baldwin was arrested for punching a man in the face in a dispute over a parking spot on East 10th Street today. And this used to be such a nice, safe neighborhood.

JQ LLC said...

Re: Baldwin

To paraphrase Winona in Heathers: What the hell is his damage? I remember when Alec rode his bike up the wrong way on 5th Ave, got caught by the cops and berated them for stopping him.

This is what passes for famous progressive figures in New York. Which includes de Faustio, all the usual hack democrat suspects in City Council and Mario's dumbass son Andy (vote for Howie Hawkins)


Did you see what happened to the dolphin on Citizen? So sad.

JQ LLC said...

Seeing the Beastie Boys again was refreshing even if it was marred by being interviewed by Fallon. Watch how irritated Adam was during Jimmy's overt enthusiasm.


@JQ I watched part of Fallon's interview with them it was tedious. He's forever giggling and lacks even the most basic interview skills.