Friday, November 2, 2018

On Avenue D, Rite Aid completes the 1-block move to its new (former) home

The Rite Aid is now open in the retail space of Niko East Village, the 12-story retail-residential complex via L+M Development Partners on Avenue D between Sixth Street and Seventh Street...

The store relocated here one block to the south from its previous — and temporary — home in the base of the ground floor of Arabella 101...

With this, Rite Aid is back to its original home. The property where the Niko stands previously housed several one-level storefronts, including Rite Aid (and Shady's pizza!).

And so this Rite Aid chapter closes for now... and there will apparently be retail space available in the Arabella 101. (Maybe it's time to revisit that Kim's Video-interactive pizzeria idea for this space!)

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Anonymous said...

God that is a bland, boring, ugly, soulless building, that totally has no business being built in this old, small scale neighborhood. None of the crap going up now does, and the shame of it is, it all looks exactly the same. How is this piece of garbage not a mirror image of the dreck that was built on 14th between A and B?

Scuba Diva said...

It's Schweinsdreck!

Anonymous said...

Really miss that strip of one story dilapidated store fronts two of which were vacant for years the rats running out at night. The building was several years in the making it inconvenienced vehicle traffic on Ave D but provided blue collar jobs and lunch sales to the Bodegas from construction site workers. It provides a residential building up to building safety code fire and energy usage. It is a residential building with amenities current market renters want for their rent payments.It was not a public building like a library or courthouse meant to make a Architectural statement no not the Tweed Courthouse or the 42nd Street Library. But it replaces an eyesore and under utilized lot space with housing and only displaced the rodents.