Friday, December 7, 2018

EVG Etc.: Possible weather-related death on 9th and 3rd; honors for dogs-rescuing cop

[Tompkins Square Park the other night]

A homeless man found overnight on Ninth Street and Third Avenue dies; officials say he may be the first weather-related fatality of the season (Daily News)

ASPCA honors NYPD officer who helped rescue 33 Shih Tzus from a sweltering East Village apartment last summer (Daily News ... previously)

Some early history of the Nuyorican Poets Cafe on Third Street (The New York Times)

More on the Strand's objections to landmark designation (Curbed ... Gothamist)

That hunk Christo is in the 2019 Peregrine Fund "Birds of Prey" calendar (Laura Goggin Photography)

City Council quickly sues over the Two Bridges development (The Real Deal)

A preview of Thomas Lanigan-Schmidt’s "Tenemental (With Sighs Too Deep For Words)" at Howl! Happening (Hyperallergic)

Nathan Silver's latest, "The Great Pretender," making its U.S. theatrical debut (Anthology Film Archives)

Stanton Social is closing at the end of the year (The Post)

A tiny owl in Stuy Town (Town & Village ... previously)

Some NYC coffee history (Ephemeral New York)

... and here's the original Twitter footage of the man taking on a bus on East Houston at Forsyth on Wednesday night...


Anonymous said...

Where are the police????

Anonymous said...

Another instance of a video that only shows the middle....not what transpire before or afterwards. This is the type of reporting, if that is what we can call it, that causes unrest and discontent for no reason other than to incite more disobedience that is anything but civil.
And to Tjani.....the use of the N word, no matter who you are or you think you are, is just as inciteful and you should learn more about people before you try to think again...which no doubt was painful.

Anonymous said...

So many heartwarming animal stories lately on EVG! Keep 'em comin'! :)

OK, so I have to say this about bus guy ... at first I thought he might be banging on that bus because the driver almost hit him. That's a terrifying situation most of us have been in, and fear-adrenaline shoots up inside you, you're thinking you're gonna die, so when you DON'T die you are often left really shaken and mad. But that's not what happened here. The driver just didn't pick this guy up. Maybe the driver just didn't see the guy (it could happen). Or maybe the driver suspected the guy was a violently overreactive type he'd rather not have riding his bus full of calm passengers (spidey sense is real).

But after running, IDK, 5 blocks max, maybe just wait for the next bus? And there's no way this guy ran 23 blocks. Come on! I guess none of us really know what happened but the video took me on a journey of some kind.