Monday, December 10, 2018

On 2nd Avenue, new owners for 12th Street Ale House, Durden

New ownership has taken over the 12th Street Ale House here on Second Avenue...

[Photo from Friday]

Rob Gelardi, the longtime manager of WXOU Radio Bar on Hudson Street who became the owner in 2008, is one of the principals here. (The place was previously owned by the folks behind Tile Bar on First Avenue and The Magician on Rivington.)

CB3 OK'd a new liquor license (sale of assets) back in September. It doesn't appear that much will change. The applicant's questionnaire posted on the CB3 website (PDF here) stated that:

• 12th Street Ale House will offer neighborhood residents a clean and comfortable place where they can enjoy good drinks and conversation. A casual and relaxing environment, catering to young and old alike.

• Cocktails will be well crafted and reasonably priced.

• 12th Street Ale House will provide a welcoming place for employees of the many neighboring businesses to unwind after work.

• The new owners of the 12th Street Ale House are longtime successful operators of similar bars in New York City. They understand the importance of quality, cleanliness and great customer service.

Gelardi recently opened Radio Amsterdam on the Upper West Side.


Meanwhile, on Second Avenue at 13th Street, a new owner is set to take over Durden, the "Fight Club"-inspired sports bar.

Curt Huegel will appear before CB3's SLA committee tonight for a new liquor license at the corner space. (The questionnaire is here.) He runs a handful of bars-reaturants around the city, including Campagnola, Printers Alley, Galli and Bill's NYC.

The paperwork at the CB3 website lists this as a "sale of assets" ...

Durden opened in 2013... taking over the space from the ol' Nightengale Lounge.

The committee meeting starts tonight at 6:30 in the Perseverance House Community Room, 535 E. Fifth St. between Avenue A and Avenue B.


Anonymous said...

That Fight Club concept getting a little long in the tooth. Fight Club was a distinctly anti-materialistic, anti-commercial screed. That shit don't fly with today's youth.

Anonymous said...

Durden isn't changing ownership. Double check those sources

Anonymous said...

Agreed with poster above. Never really thought it was the best movie to begin with, and the infatuation with the movie by the very people the film critiques is hilarious to me.

Also, what is with this trend in mediocre movie-themed bars. These normies are so without any real culture or personality that they have to base their bars around one-trick pony pop-cultural references like Ron Burgundy, Beetlegeuse, and Fight Club? If the trend wasn't so invasive and seemingly specific to this neighborhood, I would just laugh at them...

Lastly, I finally realized why the 12th Street Ale House sign always looked so familiar. Certainly, I can't be the only one who failed to recognize it as a homage or pastiche of the iconic McSorley's sign?

Or maybe I'm just dim...

Anonymous said...

LOL @ HBC stealing clothes from laundromat dryers and selling them to the Polish/Ukranian/Russian mama.

Auntie Manly Myrtle said...

And I say - Bring back Dick's Bar! Better yet - bring back La Bamba! Even better - bring back Slugger Ann's!!!! That space at Second & 12th has host an amazing cast of characters! Many who raised a glass (or other things) at those fabulous crazy bars of yesteryear!!!