Thursday, December 6, 2018

St. Dymphna's eyeing a return engagement, this time at 117 Avenue A

[The former St. Dymphna's on St. Mark's Place]

The owners of St. Dymphna's are planning a comeback for the Irish-style pub, which closed on St. Mark's Place between Avenue A and First Avenue on Oct. 20 after 24 years in service.

Eric Baker, one of the bar's previous owners, is on this month's CB3-SLA agenda for a new liquor license at 117 Avenue A between Seventh Street and St. Mark's Place.

[117 Avenue A]

"The new space will be going by St Dymphna's — I believe yellowish gold facade and all," Baker told me via email. "We hope to continue the tradition, history and culture of the former space by continuing to provide our local community with a comfortable place to gather together with friends and family for good food, good beverages and good music as we have done previously for over 23 years."

Baker and company began a collaboration with Brendan McElroy, owner of Dr. Brendan Mac Repair on St. Mark's Place and a "St. Dymphna's family member," to hopefully reopen at the new location.

The questionnaire on file (PDF here) has more information on the proposed relocation, including a diagram of the layout and sample menu, which includes the $10 all-day Irish breakfast.

117 Avenue A has remained empty since the bar the Black Rose closed in April 2017 after nearly two years in operation. No. 117 was the longtime home, until August 2013, of the Odessa Cafe & Bar.

Baker said escalating rents were behind St. Dymphna's closure on St. Mark's Place.

"We are excited about the new digs, a new place to make a home," said Baker, who's collecting signatures of support for the new St. Dymphna's.

The committee meeting starts Monday at 6:30 p.m. Location: The Perseverance House Community Room, 535 E. Fifth St. between Avenue A and Avenue B.

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Dr B said...

For those who wish to sign our liquor license petition to CB3, the link is here:

sophocles said...

Good luck to St. Dympha's!

noble neolani said...

I can't say anything about this place (the former location) but I'm not thrilled whenever a non-liquor license retail space gets a liquor license. I may be mistaken and anyone who knows better, does the old space keep it's license going forward for the next bar/restaurant? This new location on Ave A, if a liquor license is granted does this remain a permanent alcohol serving address? My point is regarding retail diversity and the already saturation of bars.

Anonymous said...

10 bucks ... what a bargain!

Anonymous said...

117 Ave A has been a fully licensed liquor establishment for over 30 years @nobleneolani and has not been “retail” even once all of those years.

sophocles said...

"I may be mistaken and anyone who knows better, does the old space keep it's license going forward for the next bar/restaurant?"

A license will name the owners (usually an LLC or a Corporation) and the address. The license does not stay with the address if the owners leave, but the Liquor Authority likes to grant new licenses to previously licensed locations. Similarly, the license does not travel with the owners to a new location, but experience counts when applying for a new license. As everyone knows, the State Liquor Authority loves to give out licenses. The more the merrier. The law be damned.

I personally have nothing against the owners of St. Dymphna's getting a new license, but I don't see why their old location should be relicensed.

Spike said...

Signed the petition. Good luck!