Friday, August 9, 2019

Niconeco Zakkaya, seller of Japanese stationery and gifts, opening a shop on 10th Street

[Photos by Steven]

Niconeco Zakkaya, an online shop (since 2015) that sells original Japanese stationery and other handcrafted items, is opening a storefront here this month at 263 E. 10th St. between Avenue A and First Avenue...

The owner, Siming, had this to say about the business: "Before I arrived in the U.S., I had been living in Tokyo for the past decade. I missed a lot of things about Japan since moving to New York City, especially Japanese zakka and stationery. Zakka (雑貨) refers to everything and anything that improves your home, life, and appearance."

Here's a sampling of the shop's wares via Instagram...

Jennifer's Way Bakery was a previous tenant here for four-plus years.

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