Tuesday, August 6, 2019

RIP Unkle Waltie

Longtime East Village resident Walter Kohl (aka Unkle Waltie) died on July 30 at NYU Langone. He had been recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Kohl was 69.

Kohl was born in Switzerland in 1950. He moved to New York around 1970 and attended The Juilliard School.

A music engineer, Kohl had an incredible ear for music.

Friends said that he was known for his quips and barbs and the ability to effortlessly charm strangers. As they said, he would make friends for life after meeting somebody just for a few minutes.

There will be a memorial to celebrate his life at the International Bar on First Avenue in several weeks.

Thank you to EVG contributor Steven for reporting on Unkle Waltie.


Anonymous said...

RIP! everyone stop dying please!

Goggla said...

Ah, this is so sad. I knew Unkle Waltie from International and Coal Yard bars. Always a pleasure to talk to, he was the star of the show. And I miss his comments here on this blog. RIP.

Edmund Dunn said...

"Sip ahoy!"

RIP Unkle Waltie.

marty said...

Sip ahoy, Unkle Waltie. I'll miss you and now there's one less person to look up when I come to NYC to visit.

Anonymous said...

RIP Unkle Waltie. Keep sippin those “Nasty” cocktails - early and often.

Shawn G. Chittle said...

Great guy. Will miss him. He was a fixture. And always will be in my heart.

Joelle Morrison said...

I knew Walt only on Facebook; although we had the nabe in common we never met. I knew him as intelligent, kind, knowledgeable and witty. I was devastated to hear of his death. Rest in power, Walt!