Thursday, August 8, 2019

The Boilery up next for 58 3rd Ave.

[Photos by Steven]

Signage arrived this week for the new restaurant opening at 58 Third Ave. — say hello to The Boilery...

We don't know too much about this self-described "seafood & grill." The applicants, who also operate Meet Noodles a few storefronts away, were on this month's CB3 agenda for a beer-wine license for the space here between 10th Street and 11th Street. The hours are listed from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday-Thursday, with a midnight close on Friday and Saturday.

Perhaps the owners of The Boilery can bring stability to the address. This space has been three restaurants — Jin Kitchen and Bar, Shu Han Ju II and Mulan East — in the past four years.


The Boilery has a second location on Amsterdam Avenue... find their website here. (Thanks Upper West Sider for the tip!)


JS said...

They have another place on the Upper West Side (Amsterdam between 94/95 Streets).

marjorie said...

Not feeling optimistic. That is a depressing-ass generic sign.

Scuba Diva said...

As I recall, this was the home of the Bargain Spot, a pawnshop when there were a number of pawnshops on this stretch of Third avenue. (Am I correct in my guess that this is Tenth street and Third avenue?)

The last surviving pawnshop is located on the corner of 24th and Third, in a four-story tenement. They have several sets of bongos in the window.

"The Boilery" is a little less unpalatable for a name than "The Red and Gold Boil;" down south, a boil is an event, but up here it's just a blemish you pop.

Anonymous said...

The Bargain Spot was at 64 Third Ave.
Great picture from 1983-84 here:

Pat said...

The Pawnshop on 24th & Third went out of business and lay fallow for some time. Recently I saw the space being fixed up to be a co-working place. They kept the old "we buy gold" sign and their website made a point of the place being a former pawnshop. They call it "Gran Merci." A pun on Gramercy? Bad French and faux nostalgia in the hood.