Tuesday, November 5, 2019

This book was due on Dec. 10, 1958. Someone just returned it to the Cooper Union Library.

A fun item from the Cooper Union Library's Instagram account.

The above copy of Gestalt Psychology by Dr. Wolfgang Köhler was due back at the Cooper Union Library on Dec. 10, 1958.

Obviously any book that seeks to understand learning, perception and other components of mental life as structured wholes is one that you want to sit with for awhile.

And someone did so — for 61 years.

According to the Instagram post, the patron found it while going through some old books (it wasn't clear if she was the same person who checked it out) ... and she returned it in the mail.

Fortunately, the library wasn't Gestalt-free all these years. The library added a newer edition of the book in 1970.


east village tours said...

Tompkins Library has had that happen also !

Anonymous said...

They've been VERY Busy since then and couldn't get around to it.

Edmund Dunn said...

OK, I know, I'm a "OK Boomer" by posting this Seinfeld link. But IMO, it's still funny.


Anonymous said...

Both a Seinfeld and Married...with Children episode plot!