Monday, June 8, 2020

What's next for L-train work along 14th Street

Workers recently removed the partitions from the L train's north entrance on First Avenue at 14th Street... another sign of progress in the ongoing rehab of the stations and tunnels here.

In late April, Gov. Cuomo announced that the Sandy-damaged Canarsie tunnel rehabilitation phase was completed — reportedly several months ahead of schedule and less than $100 million as originally expected.

The MTA's L Project Monthly e-newsletter provided an update this past weekend about what to expect with the renovations along 14th Street this month as the city beings to reopen from the COVID-19 pandemic:

• First Avenue North: To be opened with temporary finishes. All other entrances will remain open for the time being. In the future, we will alternate closing them down to do final finishes

• New Avenue A entrances: Tile and mosaic work on columns will be underway

• Two street-to-platform elevators at Avenue A on the north and south sides of 14th Street: Glass installation is scheduled for both platform and street-level, followed by testing

• Street restoration along 14th Street: Lane striping and NYC DOT signage will be completed between First Avenue and Avenue B; new cobblestone will be installed in the median between Avenue A and Avenue B; part of the worksite will be consolidated in the median between Avenue A and Avenue B; traffic signal and street lights will be installed along 14th Street.

• Avenue B-area substation: Water and sewer taps will be installed, and the roadway there will be repaired

• New escalator at 14th Street-Union Square: Estimated completion is now scheduled for summer 2020 following contractor delays due to COVID-19.

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MTAtoxic said...

This mess will have been going on for 3 years starting next month. A real trauma for the residents nearby. Please leave already!