Sunday, November 8, 2020

Week in Grieview

Posts from this past week included... (and top photo is of Tompkins Square Park the other morning)... 

• The East Village Community Fridge can use some fresh-food donations (Friday)

• A Taste of the Tropics on Avenue C (Monday

• RIP Pastor Diane (Friday

• Organizing the Avenue B Flea (Thursday

• A very East Village Halloween (Sunday

• Halloween night with Moral Panic (Sunday)

• Report of a death outside the Orpheum Theatre (Tuesday

• Caracas Arepa Bar is closing its East Village outpost after 17 years (Thursday

• Ducks Eatery will close after 8-plus years on 12th Street (Monday

• Businesses along Broadway and the Bowery board up their windows ahead of Election Day (Tuesday

• Gallery watch: Crichoues Indignation at the Hole NYC; Vantage Points at GRIMM Gallery (Wednesday

• The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black in Tompkins Square Park (Monday

• The giveaway continues on 9th Street (Friday

• 4 years on, the Shepard Fairey mural is being chipped away on 1st Avenue and 11th Street (Tuesday

• This week's NY See (Thursday

• After Con Ed work, Cafe Himalaya and Prim Thai are reopening (Tuesday

• Incoming office building makes first appearance above the plywood at 141 E. Houston (Monday

• Veniero's has a temporary new space on 11th Street (Thursday)

• The vacant corners on the west side of 3rd Avenue and 13th Street (Monday)

• Opening and/or coming soon: The Dolar Shop, Kyuramen (Monday

... and a moment from yesterday with Amelia and Christo on 10th and A... photos by Steven...
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