Thursday, December 10, 2020

First night of Hanukkah in the East Village

EVG contributor Stacie Joy shares these photos from around the neighborhood... 

... and in order of appearance (from the top): 

-Duane Reade on Avenue B 
-Holyland Market 
-99 Center Store on First Avenue and 5th Street
-Key Food


Anonymous said...

The many spellings of Hanukkah... Excellent collection. Happy holiday! Just wish there was one place serving real full size latkes. The only one coming close is the Ukrainian East Village restaurant, which is not open currently.
And we miss Moishe's Sufganyot, although those sold at Holyland Market are very authentic as well.

jdx said...

such a novel twist on hanukkah. :)

Anonymous said...

RBG socks!!!

Anonymous said...

This story made my heart swell. I love our wonderful neighborhood. I’m also thankful that I learned about that Hanukkah candle deal at Key Food.

Anonymous said...

I always buy them the day after Hanukkah, and leave the box next to the Menorah until next year.