Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Vin Sur Vingt Wine Bar opening an outpost on 2nd Avenue and 11th Street

Vin Sur Vingt Wine Bar is opening its seventh NYC location at 170 Second Ave. at 11th Street.

The proprietors of the neighborhood wine bars will appear before CB3's SLA committee next Monday evening seeking a new liquor license for the space, the former Liquiteria (as seen above several years ago).

You can find the questionnaire (PDF!) for this applicant right here. The materials include a letter from 170's co-op board, who have unanimously signed off on the new tenant.

And here's more about Vin Sur Vingt via the wine bar's website:
The menu includes an extensive list continuously rotating of 250 wines – 50 wines by the glass – coupled with a light French fare menu. The intimate space was personally designed to resemble the most authentic Bar a Vin in France. A pewter-topped bar runs along its length, with large tilted mirrors hung along a copper plated ceiling to reflect cozy dim lighting. The relaxed ambiance is also prevailed by nostalgic melodies that play in the background. All this to ensure an experience that transports you to the very place where these elements were born.
Until October 2018, this corner space was home to the original Liquiteria, which opened in 1996. Founder Doug Green sold the business several years ago to a group of investors who then opened more outposts, all of which closed by late last year.

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Anonymous said...

I am surprised the co-op board would approve a tenant seeking a liquor license. Then again, maybe they are desperate to get a business in that space. It’s too bad for all the nearby neighbors. Once that corner has a liquor license, you’ll never see a smoothie shop, a bakery or any other kind of non-booze business in that space.

Anonymous said...

As a resident in the building it is moving in to, I'm not too happy about another establishment that serves alcohol but I will reserve judgement for now. I do agree with the previous post however.

Anonymous said...

Because we don't have enough bars in our neighborhood?!

I presume they'd say they're not a "bar" but rather in competition with Bar Veloce. But you can just as drunk on wine as on hard booze, so IMO this is a net loss to the neighborhood.

OTOH, it's such a small space that it's hard to imagine they will do well there. I know of some existing local businesses that were considering that location but, for due to the cost/sq. ft., decided not to bother.

Sounds like the coop tenants are desperate for revenue. I hope they'll like the noise that will be wafting up from this place. I wouldn't want to live in any of the apartments directly above the wine bar!

Anonymous said...

Nice corner for a quality wine bar. Hope the too many puritans living here won't stop them.

Anonymous said...

@2:38: Oh, sure, the East Village is renowned for all its Puritans! Nobody can buy any kind of alcoholic drink anywhere down here b/c it's soooo Puritan in this area.

Anonymous said...

Thank god. You have no idea how loud and rowdy those juice bars are, a wine bar will thankfully be quite a bit calmer.

Anonymous said...

David Seres, Coop President. Any relationship to Paul Seres, former New York Nightlife Association President ?

La vie est belle said...

Ooh lala!