Monday, January 13, 2020

Liquiteria has apparently closed on 4th Avenue

The Liquiteria on the northeast corner of Fourth Avenue and 13th Street is no longer in business...

EVG regular Laura pointed this out to us late last week, noting the store had been closed in recent days. It appears all three Liquiteria locations in the city shuttered. Their website is no longer active and the phone numbers are disconnected. (Perhaps this means that they'll be a liquidation for Liquiteria?)

The original Liquiteria opened on Second Avenue and East 11th Street in 1996, long before the juice/smoothie craze took hold. Founder Doug Green sold the business several years ago to a group of investors who then opened several more outposts.

The Second Avenue location closed in October 2018.

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Giovanni said...

I passed by the closed Liquiteria on 8th Street and 6th Avenue yesterday and that place looks like a dump. To think we lost Grays Papaya (and Blimpies) for this. At least the Hustler Hollywood sex toy shop is still open a few doors down to help keep that stretch of West 8th Street classy.

JOR said...

I once passed by here during a pedestrian rush hour i.e., people were hardly moving on this corner to go to and fro wherever we were going. Then this young lady just just came out of nowhere and started bumping everyone not saying excuse me -- and I was bumped the hardest me, as I happen to have been stuck due to the traffic in front of Liquiteria -- so that she can storm her way inside this store as if it was the end of the world and had to get her juice fix. Then, shaking my head, I've thought the whole premise of this juice place was to promote drinking healthy, thus better attitude towards oneself, which leads to treating others better. I guess I was wrong. This juice place and craze was more of just another hype, an addiction, or drinking the Kool-Aid kinda thing. Much like these yogis with their yogas mats screaming at everyone or everything who or that is on their way going to and fro their yoga classes. Just an aside and an old chestnut. Next up to open in this place, Matchateria or Pelotoneria, or a Cupcaketeria (oh, wait that was soooo 2000s--two decades ago, imagine that. Seems just like 2 hours ago). Nevermind. Bring back Blimpie's!

Caleo said...

Prior to the 11th street location being called Liquiteria, it was a called Lucky's Juice, the second outpost of the original Lucky's Juice on West Houston, back when West Houston was a very different neighborhood. Many of Liquiteria's smoothies were created and named at the original Lucky's on West Houston.
Those were the days.

Gojira said...

And prior to Lucky's Juice it was a 24-hour coffee shop whose late-night patrons consisted mainly of the hookers who worked 11th Street between Second and Third Avenues, and their pimps.
THOSE were the days!

Anonymous said...

omg I forgot about that... pre internet and that block of 11th street was all hookers and before delivery service 9th st bet 1st and A was weed dealers... those WERE the days!

Caleo said...

And prior to the hookers and weed dealers... it was a stable for draught horses. Ahhh, the memories of 11th street covered in straw and manure.
Those were the DAYS!!!

Vashtie said...

Yes. Houston Street was the location of the original Luckys Liquiteria. I used to work on Wooster Street in 2000/2001 and go there for lunch. Apparently the owners had a difference of opinion and Doug started his version on 11th and 2nd.