Friday, January 31, 2020

6 posts from January 2020

[Key Food, randomly enough]

A mini month in review...

• Trio responsible for the deadly 2nd Avenue gas explosion sentenced to 4 to 12 years in prison (Jan. 17)

• About those detailed East Village drawings at the new Trader Joe's on 14th Street (Jan. 15)

• RIP Matthew Maher, longtime owner of McSorley's (Jan. 13)

• Exclusive: Video shows chaotic moments after fatal shootings on Avenue A (Jan. 10)

• How to help save the Lower East Side Ecology Center's community compost program (Jan. 9)

• A Visit to Don Juan’s Barber Shop on 4th Street (Jan. 8)


Anonymous said...

The flower vendor in front of Keyfood has some unusual cut flowers. Mimosa, ginestra & more. And they stay fresh for a long time. I asked him if he was new, he said since July of last year.

Anonymous said...

Flowers make Key Food seem like a classier store. Without them I provably wouldn’t shop there subconsciously.