Thursday, January 30, 2020

That unique pop-up gallery space on 7th and C is now home to a palm reader

[Photo from 2012]

For several years, starting in 2012, the shed/storage space outside Wholesome Foods on Seventh Street and Avenue C was home to the Stand, a wholly unique pop-up gallery and performance space.

The Stand featured work by street, homeless and unknown artists. You never knew exactly what you'd find there on a given weekend night. It lasted until October 2017. The space was a holiday market during the 2018 Christmas season, featuring the work of local vendors and offering entertainment such as a shakuhachi zen flute performance during the opening reception.

After that, we hadn't seen much, if any, activity here. Last fall, someone tagged the Bruce Lee mural on the gate.

Well, there's a new tenant now. The gate was open the other day, showing that the space is now home to a palm reader...

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