Thursday, January 23, 2020

Former Crooked Tree transforming into Isabella on St. Mark's Place

The new restaurant venture for the former Crooked Tree space on St. Mark's Place is called Isabella... we had a recent lettering reveal on the front door here between Avenue A and First Avenue ...

Isabella — Dine In • Take Out • Delivery.

There's also a placeholder website for Isabella, whose url includes the words Italian NYC. There isn't any other info on the site — aside from "coming soon."

After 20 years of serving up crêpes and other cafe fare at 110 St. Mark's Place, Crooked Tree closed last February.

The owners of David's Cafe right next door were on the February 2019 CB3-SLA agenda for a new liquor license for this space. (Crooked Tree owner Daniel Rivera is also a partner in David's Cafe.) The questionnaire on file at the CB3 website (PDF here) didn't contain too many revealing details about what was taking over the space. Hopefully we'll know more soon enough.

H/T Steven for the photos!

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