Monday, January 27, 2020

Addiction NYC space for rent on St. Mark's Place

[Photo by Steven]

For rent signs recently arrived at 18 St. Mark's Place between Second Avenue and Third Avenue.

Now the tenant, Addiction NYC, the tattoo parlor and smoke shop, is closing. There are sales...

[Photo from Thursday via @EdenBrower]

The business, on the block since 2003, was previously across the street at No. 27. They moved in March 2017.

No. 18 had been on the retail market since November ($158 per square foot!). Per the listing:

• The block is trending with new exciting retail with new building development on the corner in the near future.

• Access to high density student & younger population. Cannot miss on this block!

Meanwhile, I already know what everyone is thinking about for this retail space: BRING BACK CHERRIES! (RIP 2011)


Anonymous said...

"Cannot miss on this block"?

Sure, that's why the space is available, right?


Anonymous said...

The times of tattoo parlors may be over for St. Marks Place, as a new way approaches. Change is not inherently bad, maybe only to some who have their own vested interests as well…


Andy on 7 said...

A new way approaches...
Get ready for the legal weed shops!

Anonymous said...

Not gonna lie got my only tattoo there the guys there were ultra helpful & offered a free touch up too. Gonna miss it, I'll do my best to support it. Just walked by thinking it was because of covid.