Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Prince Tea House expanding to the East Village with an outpost on 10th Street

Prince Tea House, with six locations in NYC, is expanding this year, adding several new outposts — including one at 204 E. 10th St. just east of Second Avenue.

The new shop will be located in the currently empty space that last housed the Le Pressing dry cleaners (and perhaps next door?).

Expect some storefront renovations here in the weeks/months ahead... here's a look at the rending for the new 10th Street ...

This is a tea-heavy area with several established shops nearby, including Cha-An on Ninth Street ... and Uluh Tea House opened right around the corner on Second Avenue in November 2018.


noble neolani said...

Boy that new facade looks hideous, sorry but it has nothing to do with the block's architecture, I hope it is easy removed by the business to open here.

Anonymous said...

The facade looks fine and since when does every new thing have to look like all old things? Architecture should be challenging, not molded to all things that surround it.

noble neolani said...

12:39 PM

To answer you question, when the new thinks looks like it belongs in a shopping mall.