Monday, January 20, 2020

Discarded flower power

You may have noticed the flowers outside the former Bar Virage on the northeast corner (we were just talking about this space) of Second Avenue and Seventh Street this morning...

This is an ongoing project via @concretegardennyc ... a collaboration between @gumshoeart and @cohreenah, who rescue discarded flowers from the trash and place them on vacant storefronts to help beautify the space ... they've previously done this on the southwest corner of the Bowery and East Houston ... and the former New York Central Art Supply on Third Avenue near 11th Street...

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Where flowers bloom, so does hope ✨

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Anonymous said...

It’s what Lewis Miller Design has been doing with his “flower flash” where he and his team take the floral decorations they created for weddings, bar mitzvahs, galas and repurpose into elaborate temporary floral decorations in garbage cans, lone phone booths or randomly selected spots ie “flower flash” check em out on IG @lewismillerdesign