Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Where a grand elm stood

As reported yesterday, yesterday's high winds and heavy rain brought down one of the majestic American elm trees in Tompkins Square Park. 

By early last evening, a crew was in the Park removing the tree from near the entrance on Avenue A at St. Mark's Place. 

Steven took these photos today. The winds uprooted the tree, which apparently had a weak root system (or so an onlooker surmised) ...
Tompkins Square Park still hosts a large assemblage of elms ... how many, don't know. Been awhile since this tree map was updated.


Anonymous said...

So sad :(
We can't afford to lose anymore trees!

Anonymous said...

I always feel bad for the animals who nested in the fallen trees :(

stephen b said...

The gentleman who made the tree map years ago used to give tree tours of the park.

He told us that none of the elms in TSP could be more than 100 or so years old because the whole square plot, (that later became the park), was cut flat at the turn of the 19th - t0 - 20th century (~1902) to create a parade ground for military training. I believe it was for the mexican american war.

Most interesting, he told the story that a few elms, older than the rest, were spared, the ones in the edge of the park, along the middle of 10th st. The fence has always been bent there since, to allow them to stand.

I think there's 3 there.

Celia B said...

I also think of the evicted wildlife. After Sandy, the park was full of injured birds and other creatures, all traumatized. Poor things! I remember trying to give a squirrel a nut, but one of his paws was hurt and he couldn't grab it with only one paw!

stephen b said...

I am late in saying that
Michael Natale
is the person who made (makes?) the tree maps and led the tours of trees where I got my info.
Thank you Michael.