Wednesday, July 7, 2010

So, what will happen on Avenue C this afternoon if Germany beats Spain?

So, it's Germany vs. Spain today in the World Cup semifinals. And, after recent Germany victories, Avenue C and Seventh Street has turned into a Celebration Zone. (Why Seventh and C? People have been watching the matches nearby at Zum Schnieder, Alphabet City Lounge, Kafana, Arcane and the Porch... and German fans have all kind of converged here afterwards...)

So! What happens today? Jumping on fire trucks was just for the Germany-Argentina quarterfinal. What if Germany wins to advance to Sunday's final vs. The Netherlands?

I was originally going to suggest some humorous things that may happen... but I don't want to give anyone any ideas.

I'll leave you with this...inside a German celebration in the middle of Avenue C last Saturday...

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