Monday, September 13, 2010

Andrea Peyser takes it to the "fat, prematurely gray, 32-year-old sports nut and professional loser" on Avenue C

From an Andrea Peyser exclusive today in the Post:

An East Village Romeo who passed himself off as a globetrotting NFL exec is accused of ripping off a beautiful, love-struck divorcee to the tune of a quarter-million dollars.

As he allegedly fleeced her and at least one other woman while posing as an accomplished 40-year-old winner, accused con man John Egan was, in reality, a fat, prematurely gray, 32-year-old sports nut and professional loser who lived with his parents on Avenue C, compulsively trolling the Web.

Now, Egan is the subject of a Manhattan District Attorney's Office investigation. The DA plans to seat a grand jury early next month on grand-larceny charges, said a law-enforcement source.

For beautiful Thea Miller, it may be too late. The San Francisco divorcee claims she was financially ruined and emotionally devastated by the beguiling grifter she met online.

"I was naive," Thea admitted.

The photo there was in the Post, taken outside his parent's Stuy Town home. Wonder if he took advantage of the free wireless on the Oval?


Lux Living said...

He must have been using their free Wi-Fi, you can tell by the look on his face!

Doll said...

I think Andrea Peyser has a crush on him!

EV Grieve said...