Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bean cab crash makes for a good photo opp

I saw this photo from the aftermath of Saturday night's crash in front of Bean at James Del, LTD (via Neighborhoodr).

One thing really stood out in this angle... what is that couple on the right doing?

Is this a good time for photos? Maybe they're tourists? Oh honey — look, here's one of you near where that cab drove into that coffee shop...

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Anonymous said...

Seems when new world order homeland security in and around NYC stage events against their enemy the people other funny things happen like this photo op a sick reminder of all the set up tyrannies, death, destruction, fire bombings by fdny, nypd attacks on population, global British governments control out of hand with wars, bomb-ings, theft of your bank account, poison in food, water, air, vaccines, cancer, all to wipe us out 2011 when the satanists of lucifer end the world and some of us see a new life in the new heaven and earth.