Wednesday, September 8, 2010

[Updated] A bike-car collision on 14th and B?

A reliable source passes along word that there was another bike-car collision ... earlier this afternoon at 14th Street and Avenue B.... Anyone have any details?

Per a tipster:

I came by there about 5 minutes after the accident happened. It occurred on the Stuyvesant Town service road between bicycle and an Audi A6. The bicycle rider was a male in his early 20's, and the Audi driver appeared to be in his late 20's with a cast on his arm. The Audi's windshield was demolished from the bike rider going over the hood and hitting it, and the bike was damaged too. The biker didn't appear too hurt, as he had some gauze on his right arm, I believe was put on by a ST security guard.


blue glass said...

seems to me there have been an awful lot of car/bike/pedestrian accident lately.
anybody else think so?

Anonymous said...

You're not baiting me blue glass... I think the biker must have skidded on one of those discarded greasy jelly donuts from the Amor(e) bakery.

Anonymous said...

Did the accident happen at the intersection of the service road and Ave A or B ?, or was the cyclist traveling the wrong way on a one way street ?