Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tearing down the Howl! stage

Just after 8 tonight, crews had finally finished tearing down the Howl! stage in Tompkins Square Park... So much work setting it up for two days and tearing it down.... Wouldn't a permanent bandshell make sense here again?

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Tompkins Square Park is way past due for a new bandshell


East Village Eats said...

Why does this remind me of the Baltimore Colts & that damn Mayflower truck (sans snow).

Lisa said...

Grieve, I agree with you on most things but in this instance cannot. No, a permanent band shell would be a nightmare for a lot of people, especially those of us who remember how the old one was abused and misused to torment the entire neighborhood. Why would it have been torn out if it was such a great thing to have? Problem with a clam shell is that it amplifies sound - I can't tell you how many nights and weekends and nice days I had to keep the windows closed cos the howling caterwaul coming from 7th and A, magnified by the speakers and the shape of the band shell, made it impossible for me on 11th and B to deal with the noise levels, which were more of an assault than anything musical. There's a great band shell with no immediate neighbors in the East River Park where bands can let loose as loud as they want; we don't need another one in TSP, a small park surrounded on all four sides by apartments filled with a captive audience who will be forced to listen to whoever is performing, whether they want to or not.

EV Grieve said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Lisa. Bandshell aside, there does appear to be a movement afoot to reduce sound levels in Tompkins Square Park. It will be discussed Thursday night during a CB3 sub-committee meeting. Per the docket:
2. Noise issues for Tompkins Square Park concerts

Curious if we'll see a limit to the number of shows in the future...