Sunday, January 13, 2013

Week in Grieview

It was a busy week. We received some really excellent tips. Thank you for sharing. We love tips. Which you can send here. We also received many comments. Thank you for sharing your opinions, making a joke and being part of all this...

Street fight at memorial service of teen slain for his jacket (Wednesday, 27 comments)

Is Ben Shaoul unloading some of his East Village properties? (Thursday)

Max closes on Avenue B (Monday)

Those anti 7-11 stickers (Tuesday, 72 comments)

Boulton & Watt opens (Thursday, 32 comments)

Second on Second is closing (Monday)

Coyote Ugly turning 20 (Tuesday)

Out and About with Lee Schramm (Wednesday)

Ukrainian Christmas, and a look at the St. George Ukrainian Catholic Church (Monday)

Aerial Moose Head (Friday)

Remembering Elvis Presley in NYC (Tuesday)

Those two new floors for 205 Avenue A (Monday)

The future of East 14th Street and Avenue C (Friday)


Morgan Tsvangirai said...

I tried to go to C-Town this morning on Avenue C, and it was closed. I was able to peak in a little bit and there's a lot on the shelves but all the perishables are gone. There's a sign on the door but it's unreadable. Anyone know what's going on?

EV Grieve said...

@ Morgan

They didn't reopen after Sandy... looks as if they're close to being back...

Morgan Tsvangirai said...

Oh wow. Didn't realize I hadn't been there since then. Thanks

Anonymous said...

No EVG thank you.