Thursday, March 7, 2013

City OK's 6-floor, 6-unit condo for former East Seventh Street parking lot

[September 2012]

Massey Knakal issued the following news release this morning:

A development site at 277 East 7th Street, located between Avenues C and D ... was sold in an all-cash transaction valued at $1,850,000. The vacant 22.25’ x 97.5’ lot benefits from a curb cut. Currently, the lot is used for ten parking spaces. With a zoning of R8-B and FAR 4.00 residential, the site contains approximately 7,461 buildable square feet. The sale price equates to approximately $248 per buildable square foot.

We noted that this parcel was for sale (asking: $1.95 million) back in February 2011. As reported here in December, there are plans in place to build a six-floor, six-unit apartment building (with presumably a garage of some kind).

The city OK'd those plans from Eisner Design LLC back on Feb. 13, according to city records. South Fork Partners LLC is listed as the owner.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of curb cuts, I noticed that the now private mansion on E4th St has now exposed the huge garage they built. Does this mean they are getting that curb cut all the politicians claimed they would never ever get and we are out a couple of more parking spots on that block?

Anonymous said...

Oh good a garage. Maybe the NYCHA tenants will be able to use it once Margarita Lopez takes away their parking. Bloomberg crony.

Anonymous said...

Those folks in the building next door better start saying goodbye to that nice sunshine coming in their side windows...

bowery boy said...

yes, aren't there laws about covering people's windows like that? With all this Density, it seems like we're headed back to the 5 Points days. I feel bad for the folks who live there. ugh.