Sunday, August 11, 2013

[Updated] After the limb came crashing down in Tompkins Square Park

Saturday morning!

Sunday morning!

Workers yesterday removed the split section of the elm that fell in Tompkins Square Park on Friday afternoon ... up toward the entrance at Avenue A and St. Mark's Place...

Hopefully the tree can remain... Looks healthy enough. But.

A man sitting nearby this morning said that he saw the limb come crashing down. "Dude, it was fucked up. I was sitting right there and it was like, fuck dude."

He believes, fairly seriously, that squirrels caused the limb to fall.

Updated 12:26 p.m.
GammaBlog has more about the tree here. The arborists said that it was unlikely the could survive such a wound.


Gojira said...

Hey, those black squirrels now to be found in the park - they're the embodiment of evil. Doubtless they chewed through that branch, mwa-ha-ha-ing all the while.

Anonymous said...

Those were beavers washed into Tompkins Sq Pk during Sandy

nygrump said...

Has gravity increased or something? Maybe it is simply that they need more maintenance.

The Philosophical Zombie said...

Oh where have all the fire flies gone? First the cicada disappointment, now a paucity of fire flies.

Anonymous said...

Hey Philosophical Zombie, there are lots of Cicadas in Washington Square Park! Have a listen. It's lovely. :)