Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fire-damaged Mono + Mono remains closed, new roof on the way

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Mono + Mono at 116 E. Fourth St. remains closed since a two-alarm fire swept through the restaurant four months ago to the day.

Last update that we heard came via the restaurant's Facebook page on May 7, a message that read in part:

Due to the recent fire, we're now renovating the restaurant.

We're committed to reopening in a few weeks as your favorite East Village destination for 30,000 jazz albums, Korean fried chicken and soju cocktails.

Thanks for your support. We'll be back stronger than ever!

We haven't heard a thing since then... the restaurant hasn't seen much action lately.

However, there is a work permit dated Aug. 13 for the following (the DOB's ALL-CAP format): "ROOF REPLACEMENT AND REMOVAL OF EXISTING FIRE DAMAGED MEHANICAL EQUIPMENT FROM ROOF."

The permit is pending approval. Estimated price of the job: $83,500. A "full vacate" remains in effect for the address.

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Uncle Waltie said...

Did they manage to save the LPs?

abrod said...

I saw a couple guys working in the space last weekend, so hopefully they'll have a chance to make a comeback. Almost every week I see people stopping by as if to go in, then read the vacate order and note.